Ginger Ingredients

Brusco Food Group distributes ginger ingredients to food manufacturing companies throughout the UK.

Every ingredient we send is sourced from the best suppliers in the industry, who we work closely with to ensure the highest quality.

Sweet and savoury ginger

Within our range we offer both sweet and savoury ginger, which can be used in a variety of recipes. From baking to sauces, sushi to ready meals.

Each ginger ingredient offers different preparation types, helping reduce production time. Talk to our team about which option suits your needs the most.

Ginger Ingredients Available

Available in bespoke sugars:

  • Caster
  • Icing
  • Glucose
1-5MM, 3-6MM, 5-8MM, 12-13MM, 15-6MM12MM Cube
BALL: 30-35
Stemmed ginger 1-5MM, 3-6MM, 5-8MM shavings 4x5KG
Ginger syrup 10KG & 100KG drums
Sushi ginger Various recipes including clean DEC Sachets: 5KG – 10KG
Bags: 1 – 2KG
Ground ginger 25KG
Ginger puree IQF 10KG


The Big Questions

Benefits of ginger

Ginger has many health benefits due to it containing a powerful bioactive compound called gingerol. Gingerol is responsible for many of its medicinal properties.

Ginger can be used as an anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, reduces nausea and helps fight illnesses such as the common cold and flu.

Can you freeze ginger?

Fresh ginger can be frozen if prepared properly, however our products come packaged appropriately for a longer shelf life.

Uses of ginger

Ginger has so many uses within recipes. From ginger tea to sides within sushi. It adds spice to baking and heat within Asian dishes. Tasty, healthy and filled with fantastic nutrients.

Talk to the team

For any information on our ingredients or for a quote, contact the team on 01386 761555 or email