Plant-Based Ingredients

Brusco has been a supplier of plant-based ingredients for over 30 years, providing manufacturers with alternatives to meat and dairy as part of their vegan product range.

There are so many benefits to our ingredients range including added fibre, plant-based protein, textural properties, additional flavour combinations and dairy-free alternatives. Simple swaps can make all the difference.

Swapping to plant-based ingredients can help make your range more inclusive, opening your brand to a wider audience.

The rise of the Plant-based Industry

Veganuary has been a huge initiative for the plant-based industry, it kicks off the year by encouraging consumers to try a plant-based diet for a month.

Over the years this has led to the industry seeing a shift in the popularity and variety of plant-based dining, from ready meals in supermarkets to the options available on restaurant menus. Veganuary has turned from a one-month trial to a year-long lifestyle change for many consumers.

Knowledge and interest in health, environmental concerns and social responsibility from consumers have also had an impact on the popularity of plant-based dining. As consumer interest in vegan-friendly food increases, so has its availability in the market.

Understanding Plant-Based Ingredients and their Benefits

Food education and willingness to experiment have led to consumers trying alternative ingredients in their recipes at home. They also recognise them in meals on supermarket shelves and in restaurants.

As consumers switch to a plant-based diet, they are also interested in incorporating the same textures and flavours that they enjoyed when creating recipes involving meat and dairy. Gone are the days were consumers can only enjoy plain recipes and dining experiences.

This research had led to consumers understanding the benefits and versatility of ingredients such as coconut, jackfruit, chestnuts, and beans/pulses. Not only can they add important fibre and proteins, but they can also help replicate texture, creaminess and flavour found in meat and dairy-based dishes.

This flexibility and improvement in flavour have introduced many consumers to the world of plant-based dining, even if it’s on a part-time basis.

Plant-Based Ingredients


Jackfruit Ambient chunks/shredded 5 X 2KG pouch
3KG tins
Jackfruit meatballs Ambient 2-3 KG pouch
Jackfruit flavoured Ambient
Shredded BBQ/Indian/Thai/Mexican flavours
2-3KG pouch
Beans & Pulses Packed full of plant-based protein See page
IQF Vegetables Prepped and ready to add to ready meals See page
Chestnuts Add texture, creaminess and allergen-free goodness See page
Vegan Alcohols Produced ready to add to pies, ready meals and cocktails See page
Smart Salt® Sodium reduction – 10% – 60% See page
Herbs & Spices Adding flavour combinations See page
Sauces, pastes, purees Great for quick production of ready meals See page
Coconut A fantastic dairy free alternative See page


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