Plant-Based Ingredients

As suppliers of plant-based ingredients to manufacturers over the past 30 years, Brusco Food Group have helped customers find ways to incorporate meat free options into their product range.

This has helped make their range more inclusive, opening their customer base up to a wider audience.

The rise of Plant-based Ingredients

There has been a growing trend for consumers enjoying a plant-based lifestyle. Whether it’s to help the environment, health reasons or enhanced food education, many consumers are switching to a plant-based lifestyle.

The last five years, we have seen the trend continue to grow. Creating a whole new generation dedicated to a healthier way of eating.

Understanding Food and their Benefits

Food education is a huge reason why many are switching to plant-based dining. Consumers are understanding new ways to include protein in their diets and adding texture through alternative methods.

Many have tried swapping chicken and pork for jackfruit and minced beef for wild mushrooms.

Customers are understanding the health benefits and proteins that are associated with plant-based ingredients. Even if they still eat meat, they are making educated adaptions to their meals.

Small changes can be made to enhance everyday meals, to make them healthier, rich in nutrients and adding to their all important 5 a day.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Jackfruit Ambient chunks/shredded 5 X 2KG pouch
3KG tins
Jackfruit meatballs Ambient 2-3 KG pouch
Jackfruit flavoured Ambient
Shredded BBQ/Indian/Thai/Mexican flavours
2-3KG pouch
Tofu Chilled
1-1.5KG pouch
Wild mushrooms Ambient/frozen/dried/coulis/mixed Pack sizes from catering to industrial

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