Tomato Products

If you’re looking for tomato ingredients for manufacturing and production, look no further. Brusco Food Group have been supplying customers with great tasting, high quality tomato products for the past 30 years.

Tomato are the ultimate ingredient, offering many uses. They create the perfect base for sauces, add colour and flavour to salads and create that all important tang to pizza bases.

It is so important that they not only taste great, but that they also come in a variety of preparation types to help improve the quality of our customers product and shorten their production process.

We provide customers with ready to use tomato ingredients from processed pastes and passatas to organic chopped tomatoes and concentrates.

Quality Tomatoes Supplier

Understanding the origin of our ingredients is so important to maintaining quality. We are able to trace our tomato products right back to the farmers and fields, so we understand the full journey.

This helps us keep track of the processes regarding manufacturing and hygiene, which we can relay onto our customers for full visibility.

Tomato Products

Diced tomato 14MM, 19MM (with calcium), 22MM 20KG bag in box
210KG drums
Tomato paste CB/HB, 28/30, 36/38
Tomato passata 8/10, 10/12, 12/14
Crushed tomato 10/12, 12/14, 14/16
Tomato powder Spray dried 25KG


The Big Questions

When are tomatoes harvested?

Harvest for tomatoes usually starts in Spain in late July.

We constantly keep an eye on the tomatoes market to keep prices competitive for our customers.

What are tomatoes good for?

Fresh tomatoes are a healthy ingredient that can be used in a number of international favours including salads, sauces, curries and stews.

The problem with using fresh tomatoes in production is that, as with all fresh vegetables, they have a very short shelf life.

Our tomatoes come in diced, pastes and passatas, we also offer crushed and powdered. They are stored in an ambient bag in box or in drums, staying fresher for longer.

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