Chestnut Ingredients

Versatile and full of flavour, chestnut ingredients are the perfect staple for food manufacturers and food service. Brusco Food Group not only supply chestnuts to food manufacturers and food service, but also into retail.

Chestnuts are synonymous with Christmas in the UK, being used over the festive period in stuffing mixes or to flavour sides dishes. Whereas across Europe and Asia, they are used more regularly as part of a weekly diet.

What are Chestnut Ingredients Used For?

Chestnuts provide flavour and texture to stews, pasta and puddings, but they are also the ultimate ingredient for plant-based creations such as risottos and soups.

Naturally sweet in flavour, they also work perfectly in desserts, ice cream or in pureed form mixed with alcohol such as rum or kirsh.

Quality Chestnut Supplier

We supply many manufacturers and retailers with chestnuts in various forms, to help with preparation. Our chestnut ingredients range includes whole chestnuts, dried kibbled chestnuts, chestnut puree or Marron Glaces.

Chestnut Ingredients Available

Whole chestnuts Roasted/peeled/blanched Vacuum packed
12 x 200G
10 x 1KG
Broken chestnuts 1KG
Kibbled chestnuts 2-4MM, 4-10MM 25KG
Chestnut puree Aseptic 20KG
Marron glace 12 x 200G jar


The Big Questions

Are chestnuts good for you?

Chestnuts are full of iron, zinc, fibre and plenty of vitamins. They are low in fat and protein making them a great addition to a healthy diet. Gluten free and vegan friendly, they can be used as an alternative in allergen free recipes, offering a more inclusive ingredient.

Popular chestnut recipes

Our vacuum-packed chestnuts offer a longer shelf life product to use in many popular chestnut recipes. They are especially popular within the UK for Christmas sides and sweet vegan friendly desserts. Please see our version of a vegan friendly chestnut cheesecake.

Where to buy chestnut flour?

Chestnut flour is not part of our main ingredients range, however dependent on volume, our team maybe able to help. Get in touch with them today on the contact information provided.

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