In today’s market our customers need to know that we take the quality of their product as seriously as they do. But we also know that supplier confidence takes more than just taking our word for it.

The Group adopted the BRC Agents and Broker certification as soon as it was launched and have maintained a ‘AA’ Grade ever since.

Audits by our customers are always welcome, because not only are we confident in the strength of our quality management system, but we are also always open to ideas and we recognise there is always room for improvement.

Understanding the Supply Chain

Our team is headed up by our group purchasing team with over 35 years’ experience of purchasing ingredients from around the world. They provide deep rooted knowledge that comes with building the right contacts and on-going market research.

We have a strict supplier approval procedure in place to ensure we only offer the best quality but at the right price.

Many of our ingredients are stored in warehouses in the UK to ensure security of supply and short lead times and keep a range of samples in stock as we know the importance of being responsive.

Knowledgeable Technical Support

We work closely with our suppliers including regular site visits to understand their operations and ensuring risks are appropriately managed.

Products are regularly tested based on our risk assessments to make sure quality is in-line with specifications.

Our accreditations include:

GB ORG Accreditation
BRCGS Accreditation
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Talk to the team

For specification information, samples or a quote on any of our products get in touch with our helpful team on 01386 761555 or email info@brusco.co.uk.