Beans and Pulses

Brusco Food Group have been a supplier of beans and pulses to UK manufacturers and food service companies over the past 30 years, perfecting the art of providing our customers with high-quality and great-tasting ingredients.

Beans as an ingredient in plant-based recipes

Beans have become a highly popular ingredient over the past few years, mainly because of their nutritional content. They are affordable, low in fat, and rich in minerals providing the ultimate go to ingredient for a plant-based diet.

Beans, pulses and legumes can be used alongside vegetables to help pack vitamins into recipes and make up for nutrition lost when enjoying a meat free meal. Pulses also offer that extra texture needed when replacing the likes of minced and chopped meat.

Are beans a good source of protein?

Protein is growing in popularity within the health and fitness world, because of its many health benefits. Beans are a fantastic source of protein and are rich in fibre, meaning they are not only good for consumers but can also keep them fuller for longer.

We are seeing healthy alternatives becoming increasingly popular, with brands approaching their recipes from a more health-conscious angle. Many are taking classic dishes that consumers all know and love and replacing the ingredients with healthier options.

Beans supplier to food manufacturers

Our range of beans and pulses come either dried or IQF, so you have a format that suits your production and storage requirements. If you prefer to have a range of beans pre-mixed, please talk to the team about your needs so we can find a solution to suit.


Adzuki beans Dried/IQF 25KG X 40
6 X 3KG X 63
Black turtle beans Dried/IQF
Black-eyed beans Dried/IQF
Borlotti beans Dried/IQF
Butter beans Dried/IQF
Cannellini beans IQF
Chickpeas IQF
Edamame beans IQF
Flageolet beans IQF
Haricot beans Dried/IQF
Lentils Red/split/green/puy/dried/IQF
Marrowfat beans IQF
Mung beans Dried/IQF
Pinto beans Dried/IQF
Red kidney beans Dried/IQF


Buckwheat 25KG x 40
Bulgur wheat Golden/brown


Freekah wheat
Pearl barley
Quinoa White/red/black
Spelt Pearled
Lentils Red/green/yellow





Talk to the team

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