Asian Ingredients

Asian ingredients are an ever growing area within European food service and manufacturing. As Asian distributors, we can provide high quality Asian style ingredients at a competitive price.

The best thing about our Asian ingredients is that they offer a delicious array of flavours, recreating authentic Asian dishes and adding something new and exciting to European staples.

High quality Asian ingredients

Our range includes high-quality condiments, noodles, proteins and fibres (soy and pea), pastes and sauces. Ready to add that distinctive Asian flavour.

We work closely with our customers to meet requirements and provide innovative ingredients, filled with nutrients, flavour and natural goodness.

Asian Ingredients Available

Chinese salted fermented black beans 4x5KG
Mirin 14% ABV caramel free 18L
Rice wine Shaoxing 14% ABV
Wheat free/caramel free 10% ABV
Rice vinegar 5% acidity 25L/1000IBC
Ginger & garlic Dehydrated & IQF purees available
Miso paste Red/yellow paste 25KG
Noodles Rice/udon
Quick rehydrate short cut noodles
Instant meal applications
Soy sauce Light/dark
Low salt
Gluten free
Coconut ingredients Milk/cream plus other options See coconut page for more info


The Big Questions

Asian ingredients to have on hand

The base of most Asian dishes includes onion, chilly, garlic and depending what cuisine you are working with, ginger.

Rice and noodles are used within most Asian dishes as a side, to compliment the never ending layers of flavour.

The most popular Asian flavours

The most popular Asian cuisines found in European countries include Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Indian.

Within these cuisines you will find a common combination of flavours and ingredients including ginger, garlic, sesame, chillies, onions and umami flavours.

What does Chinese cooking wine do?

Chinese cooking wine not only helps to enhance flavour, but it also helps remove fish-like aromas and greasiness from meat and fish.

High in amino acids, Chinese cooking wine also offers that all important rich aromatic flavour that works so beautifully in Chinese cooking.

Which vinegar is good in Chinese food?

Rice wine is very popular in Asian cooking. Its slightly sweet taste makes it the perfect ingredient to use for pickled vegetables, sushi rice and salad dressings.

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