IQF Vegetables

Leading IQF Vegetables supplier

Sourced from partners worldwide, our IQF vegetables are grown in the best conditions and are available at competitive prices. This helps maintain our position as one of the leading suppliers of IQF vegetables in the UK.

As with all our ingredients, quality is our core focus. Each ingredient is BRC accredited and are regularly audited by our team.

Buy with confidence

We maintain a great relationship with our partners, allowing us to trace our produce back to the point of growing. All information can then be passed on to our customers, allowing them to buy with confidence.

Ingredients prepared for convenience

Our range of IQF vegetables come in various preparation types. This helps customers reduce time within production, without compromising on taste.

Each vegetable is treated individually, so they maintain optimum usage and flavour.

Our IQF onions, butternut squash and peppers are available roasted and chopped in a variety of sizes, whilst our IQF broccoli and cauliflower comes in florets, crumbed or in rice form.

We know how important availability is to our customers, which is why we have palettes available to ship out as and when they are needed.

IQF Vegetables Available


Aubergine Diced/sliced/strips/roasted/pre-fried 10KG
Broccoli Florets/stalks/crumb/rice
10/20, 15/30
Butternut squash Diced/roasted 10KG
Carrot Baby/diced/strips/slices/crinkle-cut/rice (NPD) 10KG
Cauliflower Florets/rice 10KG
Celery Diced/sliced 10KG
Courgette Diced/sliced/strips/quarters/sixths 10KG
Beans Romano/edamame/pods/green/broad/sliced/whole 10KG
Leek Diced/sliced 10KG
Onion White/red
Find more onion ingredients here. 
Peas Petite pois/pea pods
Pepper Red/yellow/green/orange
Pumpkin Diced/roasted 10KG
Sweet potato Diced/grilled
10MM, 20MM
Spinach White leaves/leaf portions/chopped 10KG
Tomato Standard/cherry/plum-diced/quarters/halves/sliced/oven roasted 10KG


The Big Questions

What does IQF mean?

IQF freezing is a process which involves individual quick freezing of produce.

A process used within the food processing industry, taking small food products and quick freezing them.

The main advantage of the IQF process is that it only takes minutes preventing large ice crystals from forming. This results in the vegetables maintaining their colour, shape, taste and smell when it comes to defrosting.

What is happening in the IQF vegetables market?

It’s so important to our team to keep on top of the ingredients market, and we are always happy to discuss with our customers. Please feel free to give us a call to talk through any products in our range.

Talk to the team

For specification information, samples or a quote on any of our ingredients contact the team on 01386 761555 or email