Egg Products

Ready to use egg products have become highly popular in food production. They are easier to store than fresh eggs and last longer within the correct environment.

IQF and Chilled Egg Supplier

Like all of the ingredients in our range, the eggs we provide come pre-prepared, ready to use, helping to shorten our customers production process.

Eggs Products for every use

Our range comes in a number of different of preparation styles; powdered, poached, as a liquid, omelettes, fried or as a thin egg tortillas.

Whether you are looking for liquid egg whites for a fluffy meringue, scrambled eggs for a sandwich filling or an egg tortilla to use as an wheat free alternative, we have egg products to suit your every need.

IQF and Chilled Egg Products

Scrambled egg Chilled
Bespoke recipes available
Poached egg Chilled
Runny yolk
42 days shelf life from production
Liquid egg Barn and free-range available
IQF Cubes/strips & scrambled pieces
IQF omelettes Standard & gourmet
Filled omelettes available
60G, 75G, 90G, 135G
Frozen fried egg IQF 80 per case
Thin egg tortilla Gluten free alternative
Traditional wheat/corn tortilla wrap


The Big Questions

Can you freeze liquid eggs?

If stored correctly, liquid eggs can last frozen for up to 1 year. Once thawed, use immediately.

What do you use liquid egg whites for?

Liquid eggs can be used for whatever you would use regular egg white for. Dishes such as omelettes, scrambled eggs, quiche or meringues are perfect for liquid eggs and don’t involve the timely yolk/white separation process.

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