Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are sundried tree fruits or vine fruits, which are available in whole or diced form. As a dried fruit supplier our range includes high-quality ingredients including dried apricots, cranberries, dates, stemmed ginger, dried sour tart cherries, plus many more.

Dried fruit supplier

As a leading dried fruit supplier in the UK and Europe, we provide bakeries, manufacturers, food service and wholesalers with a range of high-quality ingredients.

Our customers use various fruits in baking and as a natural sweetener in porridge, smoothies and snack bars.

Sundried and naturally dried fruit

During production, our dried fruits go through a rigorous cleaning programme, creating ready-to-use products.

For drying, the fruit is laid out in the sun for 7 days, being turned over every other day before being transferred to the factory. This is where stones, cap stems and any foreign matter are removed.

This form of sun drying is cheaper than machine drying, resulting in competitive prices for customers.


Brusco are a great company to work with. Their customer service is excellent along with great product knowledge.

Moordale Foods

Dried Fruits Available

Crystalised ginger1-5MM, 3-6MM, 12-13MM, 15-6MM5KG
Desiccated coconutFine/medium25KG
Diced apple10MM12KG
Dried apricot diced5-8mm12.5KG
Dried cranberriesSliced/diced11.34KG
Dried currantsProvincial/medium/small12.5KG
Dried datesWhole/chopped10KG
Dried sour tart cherries11.34KG
RaisinsThompson variety12.5KG
Stemmed gingerDiced size; 1-5MM, 3-6MM, 5-8MM, 12-13MM, 15-6MM Ball: 30-35
See Ginger page for more information
4 x 5KG
Sultanas no.9Extra cleaned available12.5KG


The Big Questions

Are dried fruits good for you?

When dried, fruits retain the majority of the nutritional value of fresh fruits. High in fibre and containing large amount of antioxidants they definitely have their health benefits.

They are however very high in sugar and calories, so shouldn’t be eaten in excess. They are the perfect treat to each with other nutritious foods.

Can dried fruits be frozen?

We do not recommend freezing our dried fruit, however we have recently launched a new range of freeze-dried fruits which are available on our website here.

Raisins vs Sultanas

The difference between raisins and sultanas are that they are made from different types of grape.

Raisins are a range of naturally dried grape varieties and are usually the biggest out of the two.

Seedless green grapes are dried to create sultanas. Sometimes they will be dipped in a solution to help the drying process, speeding it up.

Can dried fruits go out of date?

Like everything, they have a use by date. They can be stored for 6 – 12 months, depending on their storage conditions. If tightly sealed at roof temperature, they will have a better storage life.

Sustainability Strategy

One of our main suppliers is committed to achieving Net-Zero emissions by 2040 and has strict targets over the years to ensure they are on track.

Why Brusco?

Brusco offers our customers mixed pallets of dried fruits, lowering the MOQ of each ingredient. This is great for customers who are looking for several different dried fruits to use as part of their production, helping to reduce waste and costs.



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