Helpful tips for Reducing Material and Production Costs

Shipping Container

As we head further into 2021, we are all faced with ongoing challenges within the supply chain.

Increasing prices of raw materials, packaging and logistics show no signs of reversing this year and distribution is ever plagued by lack of labour and capacity constraints.

The price of oil has risen again by 58% since November 2020 and the global shortage of shipping containers has helped push sea freight costs to newfound heights.

With price inflation hitting from every angle, we all have to adapt and look for every opportunity to lower material and production costs.

Lower Production Costs, not your quality

As a company, Brusco Food Group always steer towards high quality ingredients that offer great taste, ethical credentials, and reliability. We wholeheartedly believe that even when markets are disrupted, it should not be necessary to sacrifice quality to manage costs.

To support our customers, we have been looking at opportunities to reduce costs. We share some ideas below which we hope you find of help.

Drive efficiency

Switch to ingredients that take less time to prepare and that suit your production needs.

We have a range of semi or fully prepared ingredients to eliminate production steps and save time and money.

Why waste resources chopping, slow cooking, frying, or caramelising, when we can provide a product that has been prepared to suit your needs.

Perfect examples of these prepared ingredients include (but not limited to):

More product, less water

A few of our products come in either a more concentrated form or in a powder, such as high fat coconut cream.

More cream, less water when transporting cuts corners and lower storage costs.

Reduce storage costs

Although frozen produce comes with some great benefits, they aren’t for everyone.

Brusco have some ambient alternatives that can help reduce storage and transportation costs.

Look at alternative packaging

The price of packaging materials has risen considerably with steel up by 215% since March 2020.

Evaluating alternative formats particularly for tinned products could save money and lower costs.

Be flexible

Increasing flexibility on delivery times will help avoid additional costs from transportation companies. Timed delivery charges on a regular basis, soon add up.

Keep us in the loop

Sharing your forecasts can help us look for ways to save you money. Be it changing MOQ’s or advising on the best time to contract based on the latest market data.

If we know what requirements you need, we can help you plan.

Talk to the team

The team are always on hand to discuss your upcoming production requirements and to find out more on how to lower production costs, so get in touch so we can help you react and adapt.

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