Is your Coconut Product Vegan Friendly?


As a fruit/drupe, coconuts are naturally vegan friendly. They are the perfect alternative for those who are either lactose intolerant or living a vegan lifestyle.

However, there are certain practises used within the coconut industry, either during harvesting or processing that make them unsuitable for vegan consumption.

Monkeys used for Coconut Harvesting

Harvesting techniques used by some suppliers involve cruel treatment of monkeys, which have been widely criticised by PETA and many of our local supermarkets. These harvesting techniques involve capturing or breeding monkeys purely to harvest the fruit.

The monkeys are tethered to their handler or a rubber tyre and they are trained (usually via punishment) to climb and pick up to 1000 coconuts a day. Humans can only pick around 80.

When not being used, the monkeys are then kept in small cages or kept tied to their handler. If they showed signs of aggression, because of stress, their canine teeth are taken.

Taking a Stand against Animal Cruelty

Many supermarkets including Waitrose, Morrisons, Ocado and Co-op along with beauty chain Boots have decided to stop using any coconut producers that use this technique. However, there are still some out there who do not check their sources.

This is the same with many coconut suppliers to manufacturers and food services. The coconut used in ready meals, within restaurants and in drinks may still use coconuts harvested in a cruel way.

Contamination of Coconut Powder

Coconut milk powder has become widely recognised as a versatile ingredient. Ideal for making yoghurts, ice creams, drinks, soups and sauces. However, unlike coconut cream and milk, it is very often not vegan friendly.

As you search for bulk coconut milk powder in the market, you will notice that a high number of coconut milk powder suppliers will contain sodium caseinate.

Many won’t point this out, but sodium caseinate is a form of dairy protein, often found in milk products. Suppliers use this in their product as a stabiliser and an emulsifier, which in turn stops their customers labelling their own products as ‘vegan certified’.

Even if you choose an organic coconut milk powder that contains sodium caseinate, you cannot claim your final product to be suitable for vegan consumption.

Quality Suppliers, Quality Coconut Ingredients.

Brusco Food Group only use the best factories. Each one goes through a rigorous investigation process, so we know every step of our ingredients journey, from harvest to delivery.

Our factories plantation accounts for a high percentage of the agricultural output. Their farms follow strict standards to ensure that all coconut produce is of the highest quality.

All of our bulk coconut ingredients are guaranteed to not use monkeys during the harvest.

Vegan Coconut Milk Powder

As a supplier of bulk coconut milk powder, we also guarantee a product that uses  with absolutely no dairy and that is Kosher and Halal certified.

This means, when you use it within your own production, you can label your product as vegan friendly.

Talk to the team about Vegan Friendly Coconuts

If you are unsure of where your ingredients are coming from, and need peace of mind, talk to our team today on 01386 761 555 or email Find a list of our vegan friendly coconut ingredients here.

We understand our produce, we know our suppliers and we can offer an open, confident and honest overview of every product we have.