The Ultimate Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

We have stepped into September, Starbucks have launched their Pumpkin Spiced Latte, the weather has gone quintessentially British, meaning one thing… autumn has arrived.

Every food lover enjoys a change in season. It offers the perfect opportunity to switch up dining choices and get creative with ingredients.

Vegan Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot chocolate is a must when the cold weather comes in, sweet, rich and full of creamy flavour!

Make sure your cupboard is stocked with your very own homemade vegan hot chocolate mix. Ready when you need a sweet treat.

Many pre-made hot chocolate mixes contain milk powder, making them unsuitable for vegans. This recipe substitutes milk powder for coconut milk powder, offering a vegan friendly option.

Coconut milk powder has added health benefits as well as that delicious, distinctive coconut flavour.

Create your own Vegan Hotel Chocolate Recipe

  • 60g Cocoa powder
  • 200g Coconut milk powder
  • 100g Icing sugar
  • 2 tsp Corn flour
  • Grated dark chocolate

Simply combine the ingredients together, store in an airtight container until ready to use.

Ready for that Hot Chocolate Fix?

It’s so simple to turn your mix into a delicious hot chocolate.

  • Heat coconut milk in a saucepan
  • Mix in two heaped tablespoons of mixture and stir until dissolved

Fancy a frothy top?

  • Find a jar with a lid and fill up by a third with coconut milk.
  • Simply shake until frothy and slowly add to your drink.
  • Grate unsweetened dark chocolate and sprinkle over the top

Talk to our team

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