Know your Onions : Understanding Dehydrated Onion

Onions are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables first discovered over 5,000 years ago. Easy to grow throughout the world it’s no surprise they became a staple kitchen ingredient.

Whether you are a restaurant chef, a baker, a butcher or a home cook, onions are sure to feature in your store cupboard.

Used in a variety of cuisines, onions enhance the flavour of many of our favourite dishes.

They add a delicious bite to chutneys and stir-fry’s, a beautiful base for curries, casseroles, soups and stocks, and in powdered form a welcome addition to spice mixes.

With such an important ingredient, we take the quality of our onion supplies very seriously.

The benefits of dehydrated onion?

Dehydrating onions locks in their essence. When re-hydrated in a recipe you find the onion flavour infuses into your dish providing a wonderful caramel-like aroma.

Some customers re-hydrate their onions before adding to their products, others just use them how they are. To re-hydrate, simply add water.

Offering a long shelf life, dehydrated onion is easy to store and given the re-hydration factor is around 4:1 you can cut down on transport costs and storage room required relative to a fresh or frozen alternative.

All this helps reduce costs in the long run minimising transport, storage and waste.

How does the price of dehydrated onion compare to fresh or frozen?

At first glance, the price of dehydrated onions exceeds that of frozen. However, it’s competitive on price once re-hydrated considering you get approximately 4 times the end product.

Onion supplies available

Our onion supplies come in various shapes and sizes, but our three most popular products include; onion powder, minced onion and kibbled onion.

The beauty of having a range of sizes and textures means that you have a product ready prepared, available to use immediately. No peeling, no chopping and no watery, crying eyes.

Onion Powder

Our onion powder does what it says on the box, it comes in a fine powder and is perfect for use in seasoning mixes, stocks and used commonly within the bakery and snack industries.

That beautiful flavour you enjoy when indulging in a bag of crisps, comes from onion powder.

Dehydrated Minced onion

Minced onion is finely chopped into small flakes. Ideal as a base ingredient, ready to kick start the flavour for your final culinary delight.

Ideal for use within meat products such as sausages and burgers, but also perfect for dried goods such as stuffing mixes and to add flavour to breadcrumbs.

Our customers have also been known to use our minced onion within soups and pie fillings.

Dehydrated Kibbled onion

If you want something a little chunkier, to really add some bite and texture, our kibbled onion is ideal.

We love to see our kibbled onions used within chutneys and ready meals such as curries, savoury rice’s, casseroles and stews.

Talk to our team today

Being a base ingredient, we know how important a constant supply of onion is, which is why we constantly work with our customers to keep them fully stocked.

Talk to our team today on 01386 761 555 or to discuss your onion supply requirements, and what we can do to help perfect your product.

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