Beer BBQ Sauce Recipe

Beer BBQ Sauce

This Beer BBQ Sauce is not only delicious and easy to create, but is also versatile. Easily adapted to add your own special touch.

Using our pre-cooked range of onions and garlic, you can cut down your production process dramatically. Ambient and ready to use, all you need to do is add the required amount.

Season and spice to your own taste by adding more/less of the cayenne pepper and paprika. Taste wise, BBQ sauce packs a delicious punch, but has some very strong flavours involved, balance is always important. Add spices generously, but slowly.

Did you know?

We offer a huge range of sauces, pastes, chutneys, and condiments which are great for adding flavour to recipes including ready meals and fillings for sandwiches.

Our range includes classics such as mustards, soy, ketchups and Worcester sauce and delicious time saving pastes.

These pastes come chilled and include red pepper, sundried tomato, yellow bean, gochujang and lemongrass.

What Beer to use in a BBQ Sauce?

Various beers can be used in a BBQ sauce, each offering a different flavour. As part of our range, we offer a selection of beers which would work beautifully in a BBQ sauce. These include Murphy’s Stout, Doombar Ale, Greene King IPA Ale, Marston’s Pedigree Ale, Old Peculiar Ale.

Beer BBQ Sauce Recipe

500ml (approx.)

All ingredients highlighted in green are available as part of the Brusco range.

Let’s give it a try!

  1. Heat the onions in a little oil – our onions are pre-fried, so this cuts down on cooking time
  2. Add beer and all spices, sauces, mustards, vinegars, and purees
  3. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 15 minutes
  4. Leave to cool before serving

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