Beer Batter Recipe

Today we are celebrating #NationalFishandChipDay with our very own beer batter recipe.

Sure, you can buy from your local chippy, but if you fancy creating something new and golden, this is the recipe for you.

What is #NationalFishandChip Day?

#NationalFishandChipDay is a day to celebrate the nations favourite dish.

Whether you dip your chips in curry sauce or tomato ketchup, accompany with mushy peas or garden peas, season with heaps of salt and vinegar or keep it plain, we can all join together in appreciation of this delicious classic.

Beer batter recipe ingredients

How to make your own beer batter

The best thing about this recipe is that it is not only simple and delicious, but you will probably have all of these ingredients in your cupboards.

This recipe serves 8, but you can increase or decrease amounts to suit whatever party size you have.

Simply mix all the dry ingredients together with the egg and slowly add the beer, stirring as you go. Don’t worry too much about remaining lumps, this just adds to the texture.

Create your own Battered Fish

Firstly, get your deep fat fryer going or heat a large saucepan of oil to 175 degrees Celsius. The oil should be deep enough to immerse your fish.

Cover your fish in flour, making sure it coats the outside

Submerge the fish into your batter

Fry in the oil for 3-4 minutes until golden brown (Do this in batches to not overcrowd the pan)

Once cooked carefully remove and place into a bowl (covered in paper towel) and season with salt

Accompany with chunky chips, mushy peas and some tartar sauce.

What else can you do with beer batter?

Beer batter can be used for many delicious recipes including beer battered prawns, scampi, calamari or if you are looking for vegetarian dishes you can dip mushrooms, onions, tofu or even string beans.

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