How keep to Veganuary: Vegan Ingredients and Tips

Vegan ingredients

Each year around 25% of Brits take on a New Year’s Resolution. They aim to improve their diet by using vegan ingredients, stop drinking alcohol, improve fitness or find ways to help with their mental health. Campaigns such as Veganuary and Dry January lead the way towards a healthier start to the year.

On an average year many of these resolutions fail by the 9th December, however, this year the Government’s introduction to yet another lockdown on the 6th January, seems to have sent our resolutions into the abyss, earlier than usual.

“… around 7.2 million British adults currently follow a meat-free diet.”

According to a survey done by, 86% of our UK population includes meat in their daily diet. Out of the non-meat eaters, 6% of are vegetarians, 5% pescatarian and then 3% are vegan. ‘This means that around 7.2 million British adults followed a meat free diet in 2020′.

Veganuary 2021 could give those figures a real boost with over 500,000 signing up to the campaign.

Taking into consideration the current growth and if consumers stick to their plans, 1 in 10 people in the UK (11%) could be increasing their a meat-free dining in 2021.

With so much (or so little) going on in the world right now, keeping focused on a new diet or a new lifestyle can seem very daunting.  So, we want to help you keep on track with ingredients and tips on making this lifestyle change easier to stick to.

Start vegetarian and move onto veganism

Health and fitness professionals all have their own fitness regimes, but one piece of advice they generally share is to start off slow and work your way up. This can also work when easing your body into a vegan lifestyle.

If you and your family are regular meat eaters, why not start off by swapping out your meat dinners for vegetarian dishes 3 or 4 times a week. Once you have a list of dishes that you are confident in, then you can work towards a full week of vegetarian options.

This can then be followed by a more vegan friendly diet, keeping an eye on what you drink and the sweet treats that you enjoy. Many foods that people think are vegan, contain hidden ingredients that contain animal product.

Don’t stress too much if you have the odd day of eating meat, once you get used to your new lifestyle, you will naturally start leaning towards the vegan choices.

This technique can help you maintain a plant-based lifestyle, rather than just for Veganuary.

Alternative vegan ingredients

Education is key when it comes to a vegan ingredients. Understanding the ingredients you are using, learning how different they taste when cooked using alternative methods and the health benefits that they offer.

There are small swaps you can make when cooking your favourite everyday dishes. Shredded and chopped pork or chicken can be swapped for jackfruit, minced meats can be swapped for beans and pulses and dairy can be swapped for coconut alternatives.

Meat Pulled pork/shredded chicken Pulled jackfruit
Diced pork/chicken Diced jackfruit, tofu
Minced beef Lentils, mushrooms, beans and pulses, chopped vegetables
Dairy Milk Coconut milk/ plant based milk
Cream Coconut cream/coconut cream
Cheese Plant based cheese
Ice cream Coconut ice cream
Other Stuffing Chestnuts
Thickening substitutes Chestnuts
Alcohol Vegan alcohol (wine/beers)

Vegan ready meals designed by the experts

So many retailers and food manufacturers have created fantastic ready meals that are quick and easy.

These vegan ready meals are great for those days when you have lost inspiration but want to keep on the right track.

Vegan ready meals are also great for those new to the lifestyle and looking for a little bit of inspiration.

This is just a small selection of retailers and manufacturers that offer a vegan range. We are always excited to share more, so please feel free to tag us in your ranges on Facebook or Instagram, so we can help spread the word.

Supermarket Own Vegan Ranges

The likes of Sainsburys, Waitrose and Tesco all have their own selection of vegan friendly meals from plant-based meats to dairy free snacks and desserts.

Plant Kitchen by M&S also seems like a popular choice amongst vegans on the go, with their delicious easy to cook lunches and dinners.

Plant Kitchen
M&S Vegan Range

Vegan Specialised Brands

Linda McCartney has been a household name in the meat-free market since 1994, offering a range dedicated to meat-free dining. From ready meals to meat alternative ingredients you can create your own vegan friendly masterpiece or enjoy something pre-made.

Inspired by a health Californian lifestyle, Bol foods offers a delicious array of power shakes, salad jars, dinner boxes, veg pots and shared dinners. Fresh, healthy and full of delicious plant-based ingredients, it has everything you need to kick start a vegan lifestyle.

Violife offers a range of vegan alternatives to cheese to help with effortless plant-based recipes. It is free from dairy, lactose, gluten, nuts and soya.

You will find a variety of alternatives in their range including cheddar, mozzarella, and parmesan flavoured blocks, grated and slices along with spreads, creams and platters.

The Wicked Kitchen range is developed from a lifetime of working in kitchens, catering, cooking classes and farms. They are 100% plant-based, offering a delicious range that is not compromised in anyway.

From snacks and lunches to dinners and desserts, they have everything you need to enjoy a plant-based diet.

Vegan additions within household brands

The likes of Baxters, Food Attraction, Ben and Jerry’s plus many others all have vegan additions to their ranges. More brands are becoming more inclusive, understanding they have a huge number of customers who are looking for a more environmentally and animal friendly alternative.

Research the brands you use regularly and see what alternatives they can offer.

Research vegan bloggers

2019 became ‘the year of the vegan’, however this plant-based way of eating has been developed since 2010.

Well documented and researched, there are many bloggers and influencers who are dedicated to the lifestyle, offering fantastic information, advice and recipes.

If you are feeling a little un-inspired or need a boost, remind yourself with why you are making these choices. Whether it’s for health reasons, environmental purposes or personal feelings, they can help support your beliefs and put you back on the right path.

Influencers for vegan lifestyle

2021 may not have started off the way we expected, but we can make ourselves feel better by keeping on the right track.

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