Onion and Garlic Ingredients

Onion and garlic provide the base flavour to many recipes throughout the world from curries and casseroles to sauces and condiments.

They are used in a variety of cuisines to enhance flavour, making them important ingredients within food manufacturing and food service. We are constantly updating our range to make sure we have the most innovative, ready to use options for our customers.

Onions Supplier

Our onions range comes in three different formats; dehydrated, IQF and ambient, giving our customers the best option for their storage and production needs.

Garlic Supplier

For customers looking for a varied selection of garlic ingredients, we offer diced, powered, minced and puree (IQF, aseptic and ambient).

Each range offers options that takes away from the messy, fiddly nature of the ingredient. No chopping, peeling, or scent contamination to other ingredients that comes with fresh onions and garlic.

Onion and Garlic Ingredients Available

Onion Ingredients

Dried Onion powder White/red 20KG
Minced onion 1-3MM
Kibbled onion White/red 14KG
Cooked aseptic Cooked, aseptic onion Chopped
Reduced onion
IQF IQF onion Various sizes available


Garlic Ingredients

Garlic powder 25KG
Minced garlic Kibbled
20/40, 40/60 MESH
IQF garlic puree 10KG
Aseptic cooked garlic puree 10KG


The Big Questions

What is powdered garlic used for?

Typically found in seasoning, gravy and dry rubs, this beautifully aromatic powder adds incredible flavour to meats or vegetables. Produced by dehydrating and grounding the garlic to a fine powder ready for use.

When is it best to buy garlic ingredients?

The garlic ingredients market is constantly changing, which is why our team are constantly keeping an eye on it. Talk to our team today to find out what the latest situation is and where they see the market going in upcoming months.

Why use ambient onions?

Ambient products are generally easier to store. They don’t need costly freezers for storage and distribution, meaning they take up less space and are less for the customer to look after.

Many find that their onions have to be kept away from their other ingredients, because of the strength of the smell taints the products around them, this helps saves space within the warehouse.

Talk to the team

For any information on our ingredients or for a quote, contact the team on 01386 761555 or email info@brusco.co.uk.