Introducing: Ambient Onions

Onions supplier

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our onions range and are now offering ambient onions alongside our dehydrated and frozen range.

Available chopped, pureed or caramelised, our new range is ideal for those looking to take a step out of production and reduce costs.

What can you use ambient onions for?

Our ambient onions can be used in the same recipes as our frozen and dehydrated line, however, they come ready to use, straight from the packaging.

They have many uses from a delicious base to sauces to adding flavour and texture to chutneys and ready meals.

Easier and cheaper to store

As you will know, ambient products are generally easier to store.

The onions come in aseptic bag and box packaging, meaning they have a long shelf life and no need for costly fridge/freezer storage or transportation.

Many find that they have to store their frozen or fresh onions away from their other ingredients, as the strength of the smell manages to taint the products around them, this helps save space within the warehouse.

Customers can conveniently store their ambient onions with their other ingredients as the aseptic packaging means the onion odour is contained and will not taint other ingredients.

Prepared 3 ways

There are three options within the ambient range including chopped, pureed and caramelised; convenient for all recipes.

Chopped onions are fantastic for ready meals, pies and curries, adding texture and flavour to our customer’s produce.

Pureed onions offer the perfect base for gravy, sauces, soups and pastes or a chef’s secret ingredient for a smoother risotto (you can thank us later).

Caramelised onions add a rich sweetness to many dishes. Whether you want a sweetened chutney, a delicious topping for a pizza or an alternative flavour for a decadent burger.

We are excited about this new range, so can’t wait to tell you more. Get in touch with the team today at 01386 761 555 or email

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