UK Garden Peas Volumes Expected to be Lower than 2023

Peas market report

Although the UK garden pea harvest is still 2 – 3 weeks away, early indications show that availability may not be as good as 2023. This could push prices up for this season’s crop.

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Volumes are largely impacted by the weather, so we still have time to see an improvement. As the season progresses, we will have more information on volumes and pricing.

Our Pea expert Zoey Baxter is ready and waiting to answer your pea related questions. To get started, here’s Zoey’s quick guide to the different grades of Garden Peas available to help you find what suits your needs:

🥗 AA & A Grade:

  • Harvested early while tender and green
  • Sweet flavour, great for salads and lightly cooked dishes

🥗 B Grade:

  • Slightly more mature
  • Balanced sweetness and texture, perfect for stir-fries, soups, and side dishes

🥗 C Grade:

  • Fully developed, firmer peas
  • Starchy and less sweet, ideal for stews and casseroles

🥗 D & DD Grade:

  • Firmest peas
  • Excellent for soups, maintaining their properties during cooking

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