Freeze-Dried Raspberries

Freeze-dried raspberries are widely popular in snacks, baking and ready meals, offering the same great raspberry taste but without moisture. Our freeze-dried raspberries come in whole, broken and powder, so customers have a format to suit their products.

Produced from clean, specially selected raspberries which have been deep frozen and vacuum freeze-dried, customers can enjoy the uniform colour of this versatile ingredient.

Freeze-dried Raspberry Crumb
Freeze-dried raspberry crumb close up

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Raspberries

Nutritional Value

Freeze-drying preserves most of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants found in fresh raspberries.

Long Shelf Life

Without moisture, freeze-dried raspberries can be stored for extended periods without spoiling, making them convenient and reliable.


They are easy to store, require no refrigeration, and can be used in various recipes.

Flavour and Colour Retention

The freeze-drying process helps maintain the raspberries’ natural sweetness, tartness, and vibrant red colour, enhancing the appeal of snacks and dishes.

Bulk Freeze-Dried Raspberries for Manufacturing

Available in 10kg bulk packaging, our raspberries work well in many of applications such as ice creams, desserts, cereals, baking and snacks.



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Product Details

Format & Sizing

Freeze-dried Raspberries Formats available

Whole pieces

Broken: 1-6mm, 6-12mm

Powder: 20-40 mesh, 40 – 60 mesh, 60 – 80 mesh

Ingredient Info

100% Raspberries only

Shelf life from production:

24 months


Temperature within 20C. Humidity not to exceed 50%.

Allergen Information & Dietary Requirements

Allergens Present


*Free from the top 14 EU-recognised allergens, more information here.

Suitable for

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