Freeze-Dried Parsley

Freeze-dried parsley offers a versatile option for adding fresh herb flavour and colour to a wide range of applications.

Its long shelf life and preserved nutritional content make it an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the benefits of parsley year-round. Whether you’re enhancing the flavour of a recipe, garnishing a meal, or creating a flavourful seasoning blend, freeze-dried parsley is a valuable addition to any kitchen.

Our free-flowing freeze-dried parsley offers a beautiful green colour to dishes and has the standard characteristics of parsley with no obvious smell. There are no visual impurities, and they are uniform in looks.

How do you use Freeze-Dried Parsley?

Freeze-dried parsley can be used in several applications including sauces, spreads, salads, soups and ready meals. A fantastic topping on pizza and garlic bread, it is hugely versatile and perfect for adding fresh flavour and colour.

Freeze-dried parsley

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Parsley

Flavour Retention

Freeze-drying preserves the fresh, herby flavour of parley, making them a flavourful addition to many dishes.

Nutritional Value

As the parsley is freeze-dried they maintain much of their nutritional content.

Long Shelf Life

Without moisture, freeze-dried parsley has a much longer shelf life compared to fresh chives, reducing waste.


As they don’t need refrigeration, they are easy to store, require no refrigeration, and can be used directly from the package.

Colour Retention

The freeze-drying process will help to maintain the vibrant green colour of the natural parsley, enhancing the visual appeal of the dishes it is used in.

Bulk Freeze-Dried Parsley for Manufacturing

Available in 10kg bulk packaging, our freeze-dried parsley will work well in a number of applications such as ready meals, instant noodle and pasta pots, soups and as a seasoning.

Ready meal application

Ready Meals

Soup application


Seasoning & 

Spice Blends

Food to go application

Ready Meals &

Food to Go

Product Details

Format & Sizing

Freeze-dried Parsley Formats Available

Leaves, granules and powder.

Ingredient Info

100% parsley only.

Shelf life from production:

12 – 18 months


Bulk packed in a two-layer PE bag which has been hot sealed. Temperature within 25C. Humidity does not exceed 50%.

Allergen Information & Dietary Requirements

Allergens Present


*Free from the top 14 EU-recognised allergens, more information here.

Suitable for