Freeze-Dried Chives

Freeze-dried chives are a versatile and convenient herb widely used in many applications as it’s fantastic for adding a mild onion-like flavour and fresh green colour. They are available free-flowing and easily added to any recipe that requires chives.

Once cooked or added to moisture, they easily hydrate, releasing their natural flavour.

Freeze-dried chives close up

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Chives

Flavour Retention

Freeze-drying preserves the fresh, mild onion flavour of chives, making them a flavourful addition to many dishes.

Nutritional Value

Freeze-dried chives maintain much of their nutritional content.

Long Shelf Life

Without moisture, freeze-dried chives have a much longer shelf life compared to fresh chives, reducing waste.


They are easy to store, require no refrigeration, and can be used directly from the package.

Colour Retention

The freeze-drying process helps maintain the vibrant green colour of chives, enhancing the visual appeal of dishes.

Bulk Freeze-dried Chives for Manufacturing

Available in 10kg bulk packaging, our chives work well in variety of applications such as ready meals, instant noodle pots, dressings, soups and as a seasoning or flavouring.

Ready meal application

Ready Meals

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Spice Blends

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Food to go application

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Product Details

Format & Sizing

Freeze-dried Chives Formats available



Ingredient Info

100% Chives only

Shelf life from production:

24 months


Our freeze-dried chives come in bulk-packaging PE bags, which are hot-sealed closed. Stored in a temperature within 20℃ and humidity doesn’t exceed 5%.

Allergen Information & Dietary Requirements

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*Free from the top 14 EU-recognised allergens, more information here.

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