Dried Fruit Ingredients: Christmas the right way

Christmas ingredients

Classic Christmas treats are highly competitive. Every retail brand has its version of Christmas Cake, Christmas Pudding, Minced Pies, Cranberry Sauce and Stuffing.

To compete, your product needs to be delicious, innovative, great quality and competitively priced. Meaning your basic Christmas ingredients need to have the same qualities.

What are the main Christmas ingredients?

The main flavours of Christmas are warming, spicy, sweet and filled with Christmas nostalgia. From spiced drinks to fruity sauces the mix of sweet vs savoury has been perfected over decades.

‘Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

As you walk through town centres during November/December, you will catch the scent of roasted chestnuts.

They add texture and flavour to many dishes, whether you want to enjoy them whole as a snack, in your puddings or chopped up in your stuffing mix.

‘Oranges and lemons, Say the bells of St. Clement’s’

Zesty warming flavours fill every dish at Christmas. They infuse festive cocktails, sharpen a sweet treat or add a delicious warmth to your duck, goose or turkey.

From orange to lemon, ginger to lime, these beautiful flavours add a real punch of flavour.

Quality bulk buy dried fruit ingredients

Good quality dried fruit is crucial to Christmas dining. It appears in many Christmas recipes from your classic mince pies to the all-important Christmas cake and pudding.

Here at Brusco Food Group, we can provide you with bulk buy high-quality dried fruit ingredients.

Our range includes a selection of dried sultanas, raisins and currants along with our delicious crystallised ginger.

Sultanas, raisins and currants

Perfect for sweet and savoury dishes, our sultanas, raisins and currants are naturally high in sugar, juicy and tangy and packed full of fibre, potassium and powerful antioxidants.

Apricots and dates

Apricots and dates are fantastic for festive baking including cookies and festive loaves or condiments such as chutneys.

Our dried apricots are available diced in 5 – 8mm to suit your requirements. They can be bought in bulk in 12.5-kilo bags.

The diced dates add a delicious caramel-esq/jam-like flavour to your recipe. Sold in 10-kilo bags, they will beautifully enhance your next bake.

Crystallised Ginger

Ginger brings a delicious hit of warmth and heat to festive dishes.

Did you know, it can also be added to fruit salad for a spicy, zesty lift or added to cranberry sauce along with the orange zest?

Our crystallised ginger comes in 4 x 5-kilo bags.

Festive spices

Along with herbs that season our meat and vegetables, spices play a huge part in our festive dining.

As well as the traditional Christmas baking, spices such as turmeric, ginger and cinnamon are all used within seasoning, festive cocktails and added to sauces.

Soak in the best-quality alcohol

The only way you can make our dried fruit even better is to soak it in good-quality alcohol.

Our range of bulk-buy spirits and liquors is tested and tasted to perfection ready to add even more flavour to your creation.

If you are looking for brandy for your brandy butter, whisky and rum for your sauces or wine for your stock and gravy, we have a beautiful selection to enjoy.

Gluten-free Christmas ingredients

Our dried fruit ingredients, alcohol and herbs/spices selection all come with a gluten-free alternative.

Many of these ingredients are naturally gluten-free, but some factories, storage units and production lines can create cross-contamination.

As part of our testing and research process, we make sure that the lines are clear of any gluten, so they are safe from these allergens.

Talk to the team about Christmas ingredients

If you are interested in any of our range of dried fruit, herbs and spices, ginger or bulk buy alcohol please get in touch with the team.

We are ready to talk Christmas all year round, so give them a call at 01386 761555 or email info@brusco.co.uk.